Here we have picked out what we think makes great art in the Park.

THE icon of the Olympics, this particular sculpture actually feels quite low-key, standing like a proud final bastion of the London 2012 Games, as the Park takes on its new identity as east London’s largest park.

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What’s not to love about an exotic yet gentle giant standing proudly in the heart of London in Victory Park? Who cares that he’s not native to London, we see him becoming an integral part of East Village, its newest – and biggest – protector.

See how many people you can fit in his lap or crowding around his broad shoulders.

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Created as part of the Great British Garden, these archways show how sculpture can be both natural and man-made. The flexibility of willow allows it to be trained into fantastic shapes… arches, domes and walls, and it has been a favourite material for craftsmen for years. Come see the fantastical shapes in the shadow of the former Olympic Stadium for yourself – admittedly on a smaller scale, but no less multi- than the Lee Valley VeloPark and the London Aquatics Centre.

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Written by Alfred, Lord Tennyson in 1842, this poem was selected by a BBC audience before the London 2012 Olympics, to feature in the Park, more specifically in what was the Athlete’s village, now opposite the entrance to Chobham Academy in East Village.

The poem tells the story of a Greek hero, Ulysses, who wanders the earth, wanting to live life to the full, no matter what hurdles stand in the way.

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