Given that over 4,300 trees have been planted in the Park, it is only matter of time before these will mature and could potentially support hundreds of homes in the air. Swinging between branches, out of reach of younger siblings and parents, sounds great to us!

On a summer’s day, when there is a big event in the Park, we see these as key to survival, allowing you to dart from one side of the Park to the other avoiding the crowds.

Although there are no plans for pedestrian tunnels, as you wander around the Park remember there are many tunnels, old and new, beneath your feet transporting all kinds of services, from trains to water.

It’s easy to see why we think helicopter rides in the Park could take off. Imagine being able to look down from above into all the Olympic and Paralympic venues as you swoop around this corner of east London.

Okay this one is perhaps even more fantastical than mermaids. However, before you raise your eyebrows too high, the scale and variety of landscapes in the Park would surely make it one of the few places in London where dinosaurs could thrive.

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We appreciate the effort the architects have put in to creating a different identity for each block in East Village. However with all that vertical surface, we can’t help thinking they have missed an opportunity to provide climbing walls up one or two, particularly those facing the Park. Just imagine the view!

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