Before the London 2012 Games, much of the land the Park sits on was badly contaminated as result of the industry that took place in earlier centuries. A large-scale clean up and de-contamination process has restored many ecosystems to the area. Flowery meadows attracting a vast array of insects have been planted across the landscape, creating fantastic biodiversity. See what you can spot.

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Within the Park, the River Lea splits into the Waterworks River, nearest to the London Aquatics Centre, and City Mill River, nearest to the former Olympic Stadium. These waterways are all navigable by narrow boat, but you don’t need to be on the water to see a watery spectacle. Just find a comfortable spot to site on one of the moorings and watch what comes to the surface.

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Wetlands and reed beds are a natural way to de-contaminate the soil, removing harmful pollutants. They also provide countless homes for water and bird life. You may need to be very quiet, but if you are, you can be sure to see some rare wildlife.

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