All the park is like a playground. Enjoy one of the activities shown on the map to simply hang around with friends. Take a walk with friends along the banks of the River Lea or sit in the quiet of the Great British Garden. Whatever your mood you are sure to find somewhere to suit.

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The Park holds countless snapshot moments, from the renowned silhouettes of the legendary Olympic and Paralympic venues, to the more secret spots. Personalise them all with you and your friends!

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Should you head to the south of the Park, you'd better watch your step. In spring and summer jets of water will do their best to catch you out. Play chicken and congratulate yourself on your speedy reactions, or embrace the opportunity to get soaked!

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Next to the iconic Lee Valley VeloPark velodrome, the BMX track is less about speed and more about skill… taking risks and showing off. There is a charge for using the track, but it includes a bike and a helmet.

Draper's Fields to the north east of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is both a great hang out and the perfect place to kick a ball around.

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For a climbing experience with a difference, head to the south of the Park where the outdoor 'rooms' are to be found. Walk along the edge of the canal facing the Stadium and look down. You will find a large climbing wall - with one of the best views in London. These are free to climb at anytime.

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