Map of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

How to use this map

The hot spots are divided up into seven different categories:

Activities – fun things we have discovered to do if you are aged about 10 to 14

Art – the Park is home to 26 permanent pieces of art and many other temporary ones – sculpture, painting and poetry. Here we have picked out those we like the best.

Viewpoints - being a high point in East London, the Park has fantastic views across London. See what you can spot.

History - stories about the area before the Olympics

Olympic venues -  our views on the most well known parts of the park, as well as ways to experience them a little bit differently

Connections – the Park starfishes between many neighbourhoods in East London. We show you the easiest way to get into the Park from your home.

Nature – at 560 acres of open space, the Park is home to fantastic ecosystems.