2,000 tonnes of steel (equivalent to 256 double-decker buses) was used to create Anish Kapoor’s ArcelorMittal Orbit, the biggest work of art in the UK. Climb the tower for a view stretching over 20 miles. Information about visiting can be found at: http://arcelormittalorbit.com

We think it looks like a drill or a rollercoaster, or even a snake. What do you think?


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From several points in the Park, particularly the high points and bridges in the north, look south-west, the direction of the sun in summer, and you will catch a glimpse of Canary Wharf. Identifiable by one skyscraper in particular, One Canada Square - a tower with a pyramid on top, its skyline continually changes as more and more skyscrapers are built.

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The view to central London from the roof of Chobham Academy unfolds like a stage set. First you see the Park, then the City - London’s financial heart - and finally central London itself. The view is further funneled by the East Village residences, blinkering your vision and thereby making central London appear no distance at all.

The Viewtube, in the very south of the Park, provides views of the Park itself, its iconic venues and impressive land formations. Head up to the viewing platform to take in the spectacle and track the Park as it continues to develop and change. Furthermore it is free to use!

Can you spot the tall, thin, pyramidal building to the West? This is The Shard, designed by Renzo Piano, it is London’s tallest skyscraper in 2015, at a height of 309.6 metres.